Meadowsweet Herbals 
  Herbal Remedies - Reiki for Relaxation
      Chris Ferguson, MHE, RN


                New Summer Hours!!

Hours of Operation - 
9a- 2pm M, W, F - Cabot location - 105 N. 8th St. #7
                                                             Cabot, AR  72023

9am-2pm T, Th         - McRae Location -  (call first)
                                                       503 S. Grand Ave.
           (Work late?? Meet me by free appointment!)

This last weeks Saturday at the Cabot Farmer's Market was such a hit I have decided to take the shop to the market every Saturday throughout this summer. It is located at 1155 Hwy.267 (or 2nd Street) and runs from 8am- Noon. Hope to see you there!

Do you know the 16 signs and symptoms of Magnesium deficiencies? Here are some of them - Calcium deficiency, poor heart health, frequent muscle cramps & restless legs, anxiety, poor memory, confusion, difficulty swallowing. 

Discover how all-natural herbal remedies and/or Reiki can help alleviate symptoms of:

- Allergies & Asthma              -Detox & Weight control         - Arthritis/RA
-Acne/Skin Issues/Shingles -Anxiety/Depression/Sleep
-Menopause/PMS/Hormonal -Yeast/Stomach& Intestinal disorders & pain
-Smoking Cessation    
- Colds/Flu /Immune system issues
-Back pain/Sciatica      -Joint & Tendon Issues/Plantar Fasciitis

Tel: 501  288  1243 

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