Meadowsweet Natural
     Chris Ferguson - Natural Health Practitioner,            Master Herbalist,RN
Meadowsweet Natural Health 

offers a variety of herbal preparations and supplements that provide a non-invasive, non-toxic, & effective approach for achieving & maintaining health. The addition of holistic consultation & our products in your health regimen can be very beneficial for addressing the underlying causes & improving the symptoms of a wide range of health conditions.

Hours of Operation -  MWF 9am-2pm or by appointment
 105 N. 8th Street Ste.7

  Cabot, AR  72023 

All Natural Holistic Therapy over many years has been shown to help with the following health ailments:

Specializing in women’s health and anxiety/depression disorders.

Women’s Health – menstrual problems – menopause- PMS – endometriosis – urinary tract infections – vaginitis 

Digestive Issues – low appetite – ulcers – constipation – colitis – Chron’s disease – diarrhea – indigestion – irritable bowel syndrome – nausea - gastritis

Nervous System – anxiety – depression – insomnia – stress – headaches – migraine – neuralgia – post-operative pain – PTSD

Musculoskeletal – arthritis – chronic back pain – fibromyalgia – joint pain – osteoarthritis – sciatica – sprains – TMJ – tendonitis

Cardiovascular – high cholesterol – heart diseases

Other Disorders – eczema/psoriasis – acne – diabetes – fatigue – hemorrhoids – liver disease – weight control – smoking cessation

Here is what people are saying about Meadowsweet Herbal Remedies: 

  • "I came to your shop last week in pain and left feeling so much better. I recommend to everyone to try Reiki for chronic pain or headaches. Thank you Chris Ferguson for helping me feel better." Jennifer B.
  • "Loved your shop. I will be back. If you ever do the herbal walks again let me know. I am interested in learning all I can. No more doctors this is awesome." Tonya H. 
  • "I have had frequent episodes of throat infections this year. My throat responded better to herbal treatment than antibiotics." Laura F.
  • Chris was a wonderful asset with amazing information. She made me some tea for menopause/hormone balance. Very much helps with my temperature regulation throughout the night. Shela M.

This site contains information/research from many people/organizations who have successfully used herbal remedies but it is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. 

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